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Melanoma diagnosis & the effect of screening on depth of invasion of melanoma


Joanne Aitken*, Mark Elwood*, Dallas English (*External collaborators)


To assess the association between self-screening and screening by a doctor with thickness of melanoma at diagnosis and to describe modes of presentation, time course and process of diagnosis of melanoma in Queensland.


Aitken JF, Elwood M, Baade PD, Youl P, English D. Clinical whole-body skin examination reduces the incidence of thick melanomas. Int J Cancer. 2010;126:450-458

Youl PH, Baade PD, Parekh S, English D, Elwood M, Aitken JF. Association between melanoma thickness, clinical skin examination and socioeconomic status: Results of a large population-based study (letter). Int J Cancer. 2011;128:2158-2165