What is the RESoURCES program?

RESoURCES, short for “Rare and Emerging Subtypes of Under-Researched Cancers; Epidemiological Studies”, is a Cancer Council Victoria research program bringing together several studies that aim to investigate the causes of less common cancer types.

You are receiving this newsletter because you participated in one of the following RESoURCES studies: 

  • Epidemiology of Multiple Myeloma in Australia (EMMA)

  • CONFIRM Kidney Cancer Study (also known as CARE - Collaborative Australian Renal Carcinoma Epidemiology Study)

  • Forgotten Cancers Project (FCP), focused on 15 less common cancers

  • Lymphoma, Lifestyle, Environment & Family (LEAF) Study

  • Australian Genomics and Clinical Outcomes of High-Grade Glioma (AGOG)

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We hope that this newsletter will inform you about our research in these areas and show you how your participation and the data you contributed aid our efforts to understand less common cancers. Below, we highlight some of the work being done using AGOG and FCP data, and provide an overview of plans for the LEAF Study. We will update you in future newsletters about progress on analyses using CONFIRM and EMMA data.