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Epidemiology of Multiple Myeloma in Australia (EMMA)

What is the EMMA Study?

Please note: recruitment of participants for this study is now closed.

Multiple myeloma is cancer of the blood cells in bone marrow. In Australia, about 1,500 people are diagnosed with this condition each year.  

There is limited information about the causes of multiple myeloma, and other related conditions, such as MGUS (monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance), smouldering myeloma and plasmacytoma. We know that the risk of developing multiple myeloma increases with age and that men are at higher risk than women, but there is little information about specific causes.

To improve our understanding of what causes multiple myeloma, Cancer Council Victoria is conducting a large research study. The EMMA Study (whose scientific title is Epidemiology of Multiple Myeloma in Australia) is investigating whether lifestyle choices (such as diet and exercise) and environmental factors (such as exposure to chemicals or viruses) affect the development of the condition. The study is also looking at the role of genes in the development of multiple myeloma.

The EMMA Study aims to provide information that will contribute to the prevention and treatment of multiple myeloma and related conditions in the future.


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Who can take part?

The EMMA Study has now completed its recruiting stage and is no longer seeking new participants. Victoria and New South Wales residents who were diagnosed with multiple myeloma, MGUS, smouldering myeloma or plasmacytoma in the 12 months previous were invited to take part.

Relatives of people taking part were also asked to participate in the study. Collecting information from people who do not have multiple myeloma or related conditions allows comparisons to be made that could help to identify factors that increase the risk of developing these conditions.

What does the study involve?

Participants were asked to:

  • complete questionnaires about their health, lifestyle and family and medical history.
  • provide a saliva sample.
  • allow the researchers to obtain a stored tissue sample from the pathology laboratory where their original diagnoses was made.
  • allow the researchers to obtain related medical information from several organisations.
  • Optionally, allow the researchers to invite a family member to participate in the study.

Study partners

The EMMA Study is being conducted through the cooperative efforts of:

  • Cancer Council Victoria
  • Victorian Cancer Registry
  • NSW Central Cancer Registry
  • Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry (MRDR)
  • Myeloma Foundation of Australia
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Victoria)
  • Cabrini Health (Victoria)
  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (NSW)
  • Calvary Mater Hospital (NSW)
  • Alfred Health (Victoria)
  • The Northern Hospital (Victoria)

Other partners may join the EMMA Study as it progresses.

Getting involved or finding out more

The EMMA Study has completed its recruiting stage. If you'd like to find out more about the EMMA Study, please contact us on 1800 079 414 or email