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What is The CONFIRM Kidney Study?

Please note: recruitment for this trial is now closed.

Recent national statistics show that nearly 3,000 Australians are diagnosed with kidney cancer each year. The causes of kidney cancer are still unclear, and more research is needed.

The CONFIRM Kidney Study (whose scientific title is Consortium for the Investigation of Renal Malignancies) and its Queensland arm, The CARE Study ( C ollaborative Australian Renal Cell Carcinoma Epidemiology), are run by Cancer Council Victoria as part of a consortium including hospitals, universities and research institutions in Australia.

The studies are investigating whether lifestyle choices (such as diet or exercise) and environmental factors (such as exposure to sunlight or certain chemicals) can affect the risk of developing kidney cancer.

We are also looking at the role of genes in kidney cancer. We know that kidney cancer has an inherited component, as people who have a family member with kidney cancer are at greater risk of developing the disease, but we need to know more about the ways in which genes affect its development.

The CONFIRM Kidney Study and The CARE Study aim to provide information that will allow us to improve the prevention and treatment of kidney cancer.


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Who can take part?

The CONFIRM Kidney Study and the CARE Study have now completed their recruiting stage and are no longer seeking new participants. 

People18 to 75 years of age who had either:

  • a confirmed renal cell carcinoma diagnosis within the previous 12 months, OR
  • a strong family history of kidney cancer (two or more 1 st or 2 nd degree relatives), OR
  • a confirmed or suspected kidney cancer syndrome such as Von Hippel Lindau (VHL), Birt Hogg Dube (BHD) or Hereditary Papillary (HPRCC) or Hereditary Leiomyomatosis Renal Cell Carcinoma (HLRCC), OR
  • Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) in conjunction with a history of kidney cancer.

were asked to:

  • complete questionnaires about their health, lifestyle and family and medical history
  • donate a small blood sample (approximately 27mls/1.5 tablespoons)
  • allow us to measure their skin colour in areas that have been exposed to the sun and in areas that have been hidden from the sun (Victorian participants only)
  • allow us to make a silicone mould of the skin on their hand (Victorian participants only)
  • optionally, give permission for us to contact a family member to invite them to participate in the study. 
Consortium members

The CONFIRM Kidney Study and The CARE Study are being conducted through the cooperative efforts of:

  • Cancer Council Victoria
  • QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
  • Victorian Cancer Registry
  • Queensland Cancer Registry
  • Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital
  • Mater Adult Hospital, South Brisbane
  • Princess Alexandria Hospital, Brisbane
  • Familial Cancer Centre, Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • Hunter Genetics, John Hunter Hospital
  • Hereditary Cancer Clinic, Prince of Wales Hospital
  • Southern Health Familial Cancer Centre, Monash Medical Centre
  • Austin Health, Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital
  • Family Cancer Clinic, Cabrini Institute
  • Familial Cancer Centre, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Department of Clinical Genetics, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Northern Sydney Local Health District Familial Cancer Service
  • Westmead Hospital Familial Cancer Service
  • Tasmanian Clinical Genetics Service
  • Genetic Services of Western Australia
  • SA Clinical Genetics Service

Getting involved or finding out more

The CONFIRM/CARE Kidney Studies have now completed their recruiting stage and are no longer seeking new participants. If you'd like to find out more about these studies, please email us at