Postdoctoral fellowship applications

 Applications are closed

Purpose of the Fellowship

Postdoctoral fellowships are offered to provide Victorian scientists who have recently completed a PhD with support for an additional six months or year of research based on their thesis work. The application must establish that the research will be greatly enhanced by having the candidate spend a further six months or year with the same research group (where the recipient was a PhD candidate).

Cancer Council Victoria and cancer research

Cancer Council Victoria is an independent volunteer based charity which was established in 1936. Our mission is to lead the fight against cancer. Our core business is cancer control. We conduct and support research as well as delivering state-wide support and prevention programs and advocating regulation and other interventions to reduce the physical and emotional burden of cancer.


  • The research must relate to cancer aetiology, prevention, diagnosis or treatment.
  • To be eligible, applicants must have their thesis submitted OR accepted as passed between 1 October 2018 and 31 March 2019 . 
  • "Submission of thesis" is defined as having submitted a PhD thesis with the University Graduate Office and the thesis has proceeded to examination. Evidence showing that the thesis has been submitted and is under examination is acceptable to meet this eligibility criterion.
  • "Accepted as passed" is defined as having lodged a PhD thesis with the University Graduate Office, that the thesis has been examined and that a letter or other document is available indicating that the PhD has been accepted as passed. 

Funding and duration

The fellowship funding will be paid to the administering institution at the NHMRC Personnel Support Package (PSP) Level 3 rate of $76,798 per annum (pro rata for six months). The PSP amount covers all salary and salary on-costs (e.g. payroll tax, workers compensation, leave loading, compulsory and contributory superannuation) as well as some minor operational support.

Fellowships will be awarded for a period of six months or one year, commencing 1 July 2019.

Funds will be paid quarterly in advance to the administering institution, which will make payments to the recipient according to its internal arrangements.

Selection process

Selection will involve an assessment of applications against the following criteria:

  • the quality of the applicant's academic record and research achievements
  • the significance of the research proposal and the case made for the six month's or year's continuation, and
  • applicants need to demonstrate that the project outcomes are feasible and that the proposed work is a natural progression of their PhD project, not a new project.



At the conclusion of the Fellowship, holders must submit a report on their research. Cancer Council Victoria may specify special reporting requirements or formats.

Recognition of Cancer Council Victoria

The fellowship holder must acknowledge the support of Cancer Council Victoria and (if applicable) any nominated fund, donation or bequest, in all publications, presentations and media announcements pertaining to the research for which the fellowship has been awarded. Cancer Council Victoria may specify from time to time a form of words to be used to acknowledge the support of Cancer Council Victoria and any nominated fund, donation or bequest.

Limitation of other paid activity

The fellowship is provided for full-time research. The fellowship holder must not engage in other paid activity that materially diminishes his or her capacity to conduct the research full-time.

Other funding sources

The fellowship holder may receive funding from other sources subject to the following provisos:

  • the other funding must not be contingent on any naming rights pertaining to the candidate or the research,
  • funding will not be granted to any researcher who is receiving or who is an applicant for funding from the Tobacco industry or any of its agencies or subsidiaries, and
  • funding will be withdrawn without notice from any research for which an application is made to, or funding received from, the Tobacco industry or any of its agencies or subsidiaries, during the currency of the fellowship.

Compliance with the conditions of the fellowship is mandatory. Depending on its nature and severity, non-compliance may result in withdrawal of the fellowship.

Approvals required

If offered a fellowship, your Research Administrative Officer will need to certify that you have the relevant committee approvals (e.g. Human Research Ethics Committee, Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee, Biosafety Committee). The fellowship funding will not start until all approvals have been provided.

Application procedure

Download the application form, certification page, guide to applicants and instructions below. Please read the instructions before starting. Read the form carefully and complete all sections. Name the completed document - [Surname][First name Initial]-PostdocApp (eg. SmithJ-PostdocApp).

Upon reading your completed application form, your supervisor and RAO should affix their signatures in the certification page provided. Name the completed document - [Surname][First name Initial]-Certify (e.g. SmithA-Certify).


Please email the completed and signed application form, and certification page to For queries, please contact the Grants team on

The next round of postdoctoral fellowships will be for PhDs submitted between 1 April 2019 and 30 September 2019. Applications will close October 2019.

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

notice for display may be printed to bring this to the attention of those in your institution who are likely to be interested.