Centre for Behavioural
Research in Cancer

Evaluation of SunSmart media campaigns and other communication strategies

This research program includes population-based and other studies to quantitatively evaluate Victorians’ responses to SunSmart campaign messages. Campaigns are evaluated that appear on television and other traditional media, as well as on social and online media. This research program includes studies that evaluate the effectiveness and impact of smartphone applications and other communication tools, such as the SunSmart app and widget. Regular internal reports are produced for SunSmart to enable continuous improvement of mass media campaign delivery and the development and testing of new campaign and communications materials. Some studies are published as journal articles.

CBRC staff

Dr Suzanne Dobbinson, Dr Clover Maitland


SunSmart Victoria and the Cancer Council Victoria Media and Communications teams, Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, Bureau of Meteorology


SunSmart Victoria


1992 - present