Centre for Behavioural
Research in Cancer

Research and evaluation to support the Screening, Early Detection and Immunization program

This program of work conducts program evaluation of the Screening, Early Detection and Immunization (SEDI) program in the Cancer Council Victoria’s Prevention Division. The SEDI program is primarily focussed on reaching priority at-risk communities, which include Aboriginal, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, and socio-economically disadvantaged communities. It promotes greater participation in cancer screening (for bowel cancer, cervical cancer and breast cancer) and vaccination for HPV and Hepatitis B.

CBRC staff

Dr Anna Nicholson, Kerryann Lotfi-Jam


Kate Broun and the SEDI program team (Prevention Division, Cancer Council Victoria)


Cancer Council Victoria’s SEDI program (which is funded by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services)


2017 - present