About the CBRC

The Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer (CBRC) focuses on finding out the best ways to prevent or reduce behaviours that increase cancer risk, and to support participation in evidence-based cancer screening. CBRC’s work is an important part of Cancer Council Victoria’s mission to prevent cancer and save lives. 

We share our research and evaluation findings with our world-leading cancer prevention programs such as Quit and SunSmart to help improve their performance. Our behavioural research also helps develop cancer prevention and screening policies that change the environment to better support healthy behaviours. CBRC’s research is internationally recognised and has guided cancer prevention policies and programs in Victoria, in Australia and worldwide. CBRC’s staff contingent varies between 20 to 30 researchers, depending on the number and size of research projects underway.

CBRC aims to:

  • Monitor population drivers of and trends in cancer-relevant beliefs and behaviours
  • Investigate and evaluate population-based cancer prevention and screening policies and programs, including among priority groups
  • Leverage our cancer prevention and cancer screening research findings to enhance policy and practice change
  • Build and sustain human and financial capacity for behavioural research in cancer prevention and screening

Our priority research topics and research projects are here.

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A listing of our journal papers and publicly accessible reports is available for the research projects conducted under each of our research topics, or by searching here.