Ally, 26

I have had two Cervical Screening Tests, my first one when I was 25 and then another one again at 26. My first test came back with ‘abnormalities’ – it was nothing to be concerned about, but it did mean that I needed to be re-screened in 12 months’ time rather than the five-year interval.

For my first test, I chose an appointment with the women’s health doctor at my regular medical clinic. My doctor is wonderful – she explained the process to me before and then spoke through each stage of the test when doing it, this made me feel assured that I was in good hands.

For me, I always feel positive about having health checks because it is reassuring to know that I am in good health and looking after myself – keeping up to date with checks is the best thing I can do to keep myself healthy. In my experience, the Cervical Screening Test has been simple and painless.

It’s a small and quick test that goes a long way for your future health.

I would encourage all women to have a chat with their local doctor to learn more about the test process, which will make you feel more comfortable and confident.