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Bowel cancer screening
for Aboriginal communities

Bowel cancer screening for Aboriginal communities

Bowel cancer can develop without any symptoms. If bowel cancer is found and treated early, you have a good chance of getting better. 

If you’re aged between 50 and 74, you will receive a free at-home bowel cancer screening kit in the mail every two years.

When you receive your free screening kit in the mail, do it, even if you feel well. Both men and women can develop bowel cancer, even if it doesn’t run in your family. It’s really common in our mob and the risk increases with age. This simple test could save your life.



To see when you will receive your test in the mail, you can check the  National Bowel Cancer Screening Program website or contact the them on 1800 118 868.

In the video below, 2010 Deadly Funny winner Denise McGuiness performs a stand-up comedy show for the Victorian Koori community about bowel cancer screening.


Why you should do the test

Bowel cancer takes the lives of three Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples each week. However, if found early most bowel cancers can be treated successfully.

Four out of five eligible Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples may be missing out on doing the simple at-home screening kit. The test saves lives and will help keep our communities strong. Ask your Aboriginal health worker or doctor to show you how to do it.

What is the test?

Screening for bowel cancer involves a simple, hygienic test that can be done at home.

This test looks for traces of blood in your poo, which could be an early sign of bowel cancer or another health condition.

It is important to see a doctor if your test result is positive so that you can get the right treatment. 

This animation explains how to do the test.


How to order a new test

If you’ve lost, misplaced or thrown away your test – don’t worry! People who have been invited to participate in the Program can obtain replacement kits.

To order a replacement kit, contact the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program Information Line on 1800 118 868.

Resources for families and communities

Bowel cancer screening resources for families and communities are available at