Fund a research award and help save lives


Five-year cancer survival rates are now at 68% – the highest they’ve ever been. This is due largely to breakthroughs in cancer research, better detection and improved treatments.

Thanks to the generosity of the community we are the largest non-government funder of cancer research. Research Awards give you the chance to directly fund world-class research at Victorian hospitals and universities, as well as here at Cancer Council. Your contribution will help a researcher investigate new ways of detecting, preventing and treating cancer.


By fundraising or donating $5,000 or more, we will invite you to accept a Research Award which you can then name in your, or a loved one’s, honour.


Research Awards contribute to the grants Cancer Council provides researchers to fund their projects for one to three years. Each year we fund between 12-18 projects at a cost of approximately $100,000 per year. It can also help us fund research being conducted by our epidemiologists who are working on finding out more about the causes of cancer and how to better prevent it.

Fund a research award

In recognition of your support you will receive naming rights for the award, acknowledgment through our Annual Review, and an update about your project if you wish.

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Fund a research award

Declan Foott named his Research Award in honour of his mum who died from breast cancer. His contribution is helping to fund two research projects working to improve patient outcomes for people with breast cancer.


I am incredibly passionate about preventing cancer and want to reduce the toll it has on our community.”

* Please note: Each year we fund a number of projects covering different cancer types but we may not always be funding a cancer type that you would like to contribute to. While all research helps contribute to finding better treatments for all cancers, if you would like to discuss funding a particular cancer type please contact us.