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101 Women Against Caner

101 Women Against Cancer is a giving circle made of 100 passionate women who are committed to helping women and girls impacted by cancer – by supporting one female researcher at a time.

When like-minded women band together through the power of collective giving, they can have an incredible impact.

How it works

You can become part of a community who are passionate about giving hope to women and girls facing cancer.

As a member, you will:

  • receive exclusive content about the projects you fund including project updates, messages from researchers, and stories from people who benefit from your generosity.
  • be invited to events where the giving circle can come together as a group, meet like-minded women, and hear directly from the cancer researchers whose work you are making possible.

You can become a founding member of this giving circle by donating $1,000. You will receive a one-year membership to this brand-new initiative where collectively, you will fund one year of Dr Gook’s cancer research project.

Contact us to discuss how you can get involved or donate join today.

Give girls and young women a normal life after cancer

Women have been at a disadvantage for the past 50 years when facing fertility issues. But thanks in part to Dr Gook’s pioneering work, oncofertility has very recently given girls, women, and gender diverse people with cancer more options to take control of their fertility. Find out more about Dr Gook’s career history.

Dr Gook’s most recent achievements allows female cancer patients to have their ovarian tissue frozen and stored. Unlike egg freezing which can take weeks or even months to complete, Dr Gook’s team have made collecting ovarian tissue a fast process, so these patients aren’t at risk of delaying their cancer treatment. This means many more female cancer patients can preserve their fertility.

But for leukaemia and ovarian cancer patients, it’s currently unsafe to reimplant their ovarian tissue back into their body after treatment because it may cause cancer again.

That’s why Doctor Gook’s project aims to find a way to eliminate any cancer cells present in leukaemia patients’ ovarian tissue – in the hope they will then be able to safely reimplant it – and have fertility options available in their future.

Click here to read more about Dr Gook’s research.

Francine was just 31 when cancer took control of her future

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How to join the giving circle

Simply fill out the form below to express interest and we will get in touch to chat about this exciting opportunity. Alternatively, donate $1,000 today to secure your place as a founding members of 101 Women Against Cancer. Together, we can change lives through the power of collective giving.

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Get in touch

If you have any questions about your donation or the giving circle, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kristina – your dedicated 101 Women Against Cancer support liaison – or another member of her team.

Kristina Doucouliagos
Engagement Manager
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"Women are agents of change. I urge you to work with me to bring about the research we need to cure cancers."

Gail Risbridger
Gail is a Board Member at Cancer Council Victoria, a cancer researcher, and an advocate of 101 Women Against Cancer.

Gail Risbridger

"People fail to acknowledge all the sacrifices cancer patients have to make to be alive."

Francine Marques
Francine feels grateful to be alive after ovarian cancer. But currently, she cannot see motherhood in her future.


"Everyone is entitled to the dignity of choice. Fighting to preserve this for young women with cancer is critical."

Karen Faehndrich
101 Women Against Cancer member, Karen, has witnessed firsthand how far reaching the effects of a cancer diagnosis are.

Karen Faehndrich