Wills & bequests

Why leave a bequest to us?

Cancer Council Victoria has been leading the fight against cancer for more than 75 years. We're the leading non-government provider of cancer research funding in Victoria.

We fight cancer through:

  • Research: Finding new ways to prevent, detect and treat cancers
  • Support: Providing practical support for people facing cancer
  • Prevention: Implementing world-class prevention initiatives such as SunSmart and Quit
  • Advocacy: Campaigning for better health policies and initiatives.

Our work is internationally recognised, and we make a genuine impact on people facing cancer in Victoria, throughout Australia, and right across the globe.

One bequest helps millions

A bequest left to us in 1945 enabled us to begin supporting the pioneering cancer research of the late Professor Don Metcalf.

Professor Metcalf made a revolutionary discovery of an agent that regulates bone marrow growth. This discovery led directly to new life-saving treatments, which have benefited millions of cancer patients worldwide.

It all started with one person's bequest to the Cancer Council.

Using bequests to study the causes of cancer

Cancer Council’s Health 2020, which is partly funded by bequests, is the largest research study of its kind in the Southern hemisphere.

By following a group of more than 40,000 Melburnians over time, the study allows us to investigate the effect of lifestyle on cancer risk, as well as the role of genetics.

Our findings help find new ways to prevent cancers before they happen. It’s bequests that help make this research possible.

"Leaving a bequest to Cancer Council Victoria is the biggest contribution you can make."
-Mavis Bailey,
Cancer Council Bequestor

"I hope my bequest will help save someone's life."
-Kim Johnson,
Cancer Council Bequestor