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Ian & Rosemary Hamilton

Rosemary and Ian Hamilton

"My wife Rosemary and I are joint Bequestors; both of our fathers passed away from cancer. Rosemary's dad had bowel cancer and we found out it was familial. We soon realised that discoveries in cancer research were having an impact on our family – if no-one had discovered that bowel cancer could run in the family, we wouldn't know to have regular check-ups, to take precautions and to be vigilant. We would be vulnerable to this disease.

As a staff member at Cancer Council Victoria, I trust them to use my money in the best way possible. Their research is of a gold standard and I hope our bequests ensure our grandchildren can grow up in a world where cancer is not a fearful experience. And it's only by research that we can make that happen.

I encourage people to consider including Cancer Council Victoria when next updating their Will; it's as simple as speaking with their solicitor. It's difficult when you see the impact cancer has on those who are left behind, so this is one way of doing something not only for my family, but for other families as well."