Wills & bequests

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions:

Why do I need a Will?

A Will ensures you're in control of your assets, and outlines how they'll be distributed to the people and causes you care about. Your loved ones won't need to make difficult decisions about the distribution of your estate

Do I need professional advice to make a Will?

Using a practicing solicitor or trust company ensures your Will is legally correct and that your wishes will be followed accurately.

I’d like to leave a gift in my Will. What do I need to do?

Simply download wording for your Will, and take it with you when you visit your solicitor.

Should I leave a percentage or a set amount?

All bequests, whether large or small, are greatly appreciated. If you leave a percentage of your estate, this will ensure that the value of your gift isn't affected by inflation. If you choose to leave a set amount of your estate, you can specify the exact sum you wish to donate to us.

I’d like my bequest to be used for specific research. Can I do this?

You can choose the cancer research area that interests you most. It’s best to discuss your bequest idea with us so we can help achieve your wish. Please contact Karen Wall on (03) 9514 6512 to discuss your bequest in confidence. 

Please note we prefer bequests for 'general purposes'. This allows us the flexibility to direct the funds where they're most needed, and priorities for research can change over time.

If I make a bequest, do I need to tell you?

If you've already directed a bequest to us or are considering it, please let us know. It helps us with planning and forecasting, and provides us with the chance to thank you. You'll also be invited to join our Bequestors Club so we can keep you up to date with the latest developments in the cancer fight. You can  notify us of your intention to leave a bequest online.

I've already included the Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria in my Will. Are you the same group?

Yes. The Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria was set up as a charitable body in 1936. In 2002, we changed our business name to Cancer Council Victoria. If you'd like to leave us a bequest, you'll need to leave it to our registered name of Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria.

I’m an executor of a Will that includes a bequest to the Cancer Council.  What should I do?

Please send the cheque, photocopy of the Will and a covering letter to:

The Estates Officer
Cancer Council Victoria
615 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, Vic, 3004

If you'd like to speak to our Estates Officer, call (03) 9514 6505 during business hours.

What happens if I don't make a Will? Does it all go to government?

Without a Will, decisions about your estate will be made according to the law. This means some or all of the people or causes you care about may not be included in the distribution of your assets.  

When you have an up-to-date Will, you're in control of your affairs. There will be no uncertainty about what will happen to your estate.

If you have further questions about Wills and bequests, please call Karen Wall on (03) 9514 6512 during business hours.

"I've seen a consistent attack being made against all types of cancer"

-Robert Fisher,
Cancer Council Bequestor

"My bequest could make a difference one day."

-Marcus Ryan,
Cancer Council Bequestor