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How your gift can help

Why your gift is so important

Ground-breaking cancer research is a marathon effort rather than a sprint. In fact, most cancer discoveries are a culmination of many years, even decades, of cancer research. Thanks to gifts in Wills left to us many years ago, we are now able to continue building on past cancer research. But it doesn’t just end here.

We know that research is the key to beating cancer, and there’s still so much work to be done. With about 64% of our supporter- funded cancer research coming from gifts left in Wills, these donations give us the confidence to plan ahead – knowing that money will be available for vital research in the future – thanks to the wonderful and thoughtful supporters of today.

By including a gift in your Will, you can help us look forward and continue research that brings us closer to a cancer free future.

63% of supporter funded research comes from gifts left in wills

More than just research

Gifts in Wills to Cancer Council Victoria do more than just fund research. They also contribute to prevention programs that stop cancer before it starts, or catch cancer in its early, manageable stages. Gifts in Wills also enable critical support services like our 13 11 20 Information and Support line.

In fact, gifts left in Wills to Cancer Council Victoria account for about 73% of our supporter-funded cancer prevention work and about 70% of the support services we provide to those who are facing cancer.

73% of our supporter-funded cancer prevention work 70% of the support services we provide

Why Cancer Council?

Cancer Council is the only charity that works across every area of all cancers, from research to prevention and support.

We’re committed to funding research grants that investigate new treatments for common cancers like bowel, blood and breast cancer – as well as supporting projects focussed on low survival cancers such as brain, pancreatic and stomach cancer.

Cancer Council is a world leader when it comes to implementing powerful cancer prevention programs – from educating the public on how to live a healthy lifestyle to tackling the tobacco industry since the 1960s – plus so much more.

Our compassionate cancer nurses are only a phone call away on 13 11 20 and are ready to offer informative, practical or emotional advice. They can also refer anyone affected by cancer onto a range of other services – like our free wig service.

What your generosity helps achieve

Gifts in Wills left to Cancer Council many years ago have made a huge impact on people facing cancer today. These supporters have helped improve cancer survival rates, educate the public on how they can reduce their cancer risk, and make reliable support available to anyone affected by cancer.

  • While incidence rates continue to increase in older Victorians, they have decreased for younger age groups who have lived during the SunSmart era.
  • Since 1982, the number of Australian's being diagnosed with melanoma by age 30 has nearly halved.

... but there is still more to do

  • The need for cancer support services will only increase as more Australians live with and survive cancer over time.
  • 1 in 22 Australians have a personal history of cancer today, and this will increase to 1 in 18 in the next 22 years.

Planning and preparing your Will

Information you need to help you plan and prepare your Will, including preferred wording.

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Thinking about leaving a gift in your Will

If you would like more information about leaving a bequest to Cancer Council Victoria, download our Gift in Will Information Guide here.

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