Corporate partners

Everyday more companies are partnering with charities as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

This is now a fundamental business strategy contributing positively to corporate sustainability and in the long-run creating financial returns. We rely on corporate support and recent research has found that 'customers can be influenced to support companies with a strong record of CSR'.1

Staff are also attracted to companies with strong CSR programs. A study by Cavil + Co found 61% of employees would like their company to increase the amount of support they give to non-profits, with 88% saying they'd feel proud to work for a company that offered significant support.2

Whether you're a multinational or a small business, we're happy to discuss ways we could work together.

Contact Karen Wall of Philanthropic Partnerships on 03 9514 6512 or to request our Introduction Presentation.

1 - Corporate Community Investment in Australia, Centre for Corporate Public Affairs, 2006

2 - PassionPeople, Cavill + Co / Worthington Di Marzio, 2004