6 sugar-free ways to cool down this summer

A frozen sugary drink may seem like a cheap and satisfying way to cool down on a summer day, but did you know regularly drinking these types of sugary drinks can lead to weight gain?

Strong evidence now shows that being above a healthy weight increases the risk of developing 13 types of cancer and chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

So, the next time it heats up try out the options below. They aren’t packed with sugar and won’t hurt your waistline!

  • Keep well hydrated with water: Before reaching for a sugary drink, make sure you’re well hydrated with cool iced water. It can be easy to confuse thirst for hunger.
  • Run water over your wrists or use a cold towel: Alternatively run water over your wrists or wrap a cool wet towel around your neck.
  • Spritz yourself with water: Use a spray bottle of water to cool down your face and arms – keep it in the fridge for added chill factor.
  • Make your own drinks: Try LiveLighter’s refreshing drinks that aren’t packed with sugar. Cucumber or mint are perfect options for a hot afternoon.

  • Go for a swim: Ocean, pool, river or lake – or even a kiddy paddling pool – will all do the trick when it comes to cooling down. If there isn’t a swimming spot nearby try a cool shower or bath.

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