Victorian Cancer Trials Link relaunches improved website

Tuesday 6 June, 2017

We often receive enquiries from patients and their families about clinical trials and encourage them to talk to their medical team about being involved.

Clinical trials are an important final step in the development of promising new cancer drugs and treatments. Thanks to clinical trials, many people with cancer are now living longer with a better quality of life. For more information about clinical trials and how trials contribute to the improved safety and effectiveness of cancer treatments, take a look at our booklet, Understanding Clinical Trials and Research

The best person to help you decide whether or not to participate in a clinical trial is your doctor. However, your doctor may not be aware of all of the trials available in Victoria and if they are of benefit to you. This is why the Victorian Cancer Trials Link website was created - it is an online, searchable portal of all cancer clinical trials in Victoria and can help you and your doctor search for a relevant clinical trial. By using the revised website you can also:

  • Download general information about cancer clinical trials
  • Download a list of questions to take to your doctor, to help start your conversation about clinical trials
  • Save and subscribe your search, to receive new trials that have been added to the website
  • Read about other people's experiences of being in a cancer clinical trial

Recent improvements would not have been a success without people sharing their own experiences. Steve Solomonson, pictured above with Christie Allan, Project Officer at Cancer Council Victoria, is one of the many instrumental people who provided feedback throughout the development of the website. The improved website was launched in May to raise awareness and increase knowledge of clinical trials across the state.

Start your search now by visiting


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