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“It’s a great feeling, to give, it really is; it’s just a joy to be able to help people.”

Friday 17 December, 2021

For Rosemary, one of life’s greatest joys is helping other people.

It was only natural that Rosemary brought her altruistic approach to life to addressing the problem that cancer posed as she watched it make more of an impact on the community.

“I can’t remember when I started giving, but it was a long time ago because I remember cancer had become such a big thing in society,” Rosemary said.

Rosemary has seen big changes in not just how cancer affects the community, but also how it has been addressed, through programs like SunSmart and Quit, as well as advancements in research and supportive care services.

“There are so many things that affects people’s daily health that Cancer Council is trying to promote – I just think it’s fantastic,” she said.

Rosemary not only supports this work through donations, but as an active participant. She has been part of the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study – also known as Health 2020 – since its beginning in 1990.


“When you hear that the cancer rates have gone down and that people are living longer, it’s very inspiring,” she said.

Rosemary has even seen some of the work she supports up close, when she and her brother Neville had the opportunity to visit the research laboratories and see the 13 11 20 information and support nurses work. She was impressed by what she saw.

“I was just blown away by everyone who works there and all that goes on – I know they’re doing amazing work.”

And after so many years of helping her community in so many ways, Rosemary has no plans to stop. She’s even left a gift in her Will to Cancer Council, to ensure the work continues to take care of her family and the community even after she’s gone.

“I’m giving so that if I or other members of my family ever need it, there’s good things there for them; there’s research and help because of what people are able to give,” Rosemary said.

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