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Since you passed in August

Thursday 23 May, 2019

One of my favourite photos of mum and I.

Hello Mum!

I’m sure you would have been very pleased to see the hundreds of people that turned up to your funeral.

I’d love if you could see all I’ve achieved since you passed in August.

I went to school the following day as I had to tell everyone in person, I didn’t want them to hear it through anyone else.

I went the day after as well, as it was my birthday, as I’m sure you’re well aware. Everybody at school was so incredibly loving and supportive, and one of my friends even baked me a cake, with what seemed like almost the entire year level singing me ‘Happy Birthday’.

I got my first girlfriend too, would you believe it? The same girl we talked about for years.

I was in the school talent show and danced and lip-synced to a ‘Shake It Off’ mashup in a tutu in front of the whole school with one of my closest mates. Performing is a talent I’m certain I got from you. I can tell you now, that you’ve never seen a crowd like that before.

My Thailand trip through school was incredible, and I’d love to recount to you my adventures hacking down enormous lengths of bamboo in the jungle, with over 95% humidity and my foot in a fire ant’s nest. So many adventures and such a rewarding experience.

I miss you more than words can express and love you eternally.

Mum and I at the footy.

I’m living by what you’ve taught me and am doing well. I’ve accepted how cruel life can be, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy life because yours was unfairly cut short. My morals are in check, and I’ll try not to do anything stupid that’ll get me into trouble.

Love you again Mum. Your favourite and only son.

- Riordan.

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