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A Christmas letter to my daughter

Thursday 31 October, 2019

 Intensive chemotherapy saved Kelly’s life when she was diagnosed with bone cancer, but it also left her with a whole range of lifelong side effects, including heart and kidney damage, loss of hearing and infertility.

Thanks to IVF, Kelly was able to have Amelia – now a healthy, happy four-year-old. As they approach their fifth Christmas together, Kelly shares her thoughts and wishes for her daughter.

My beautiful Amelia,

We are approaching your fifth Christmas this year. The older you get, the more excited you become. And it brings back the magic of Christmas for me seeing you so happy.

Mummy hasn’t always had magical Christmases. When I was younger, I spent a Christmas in hospital. I was very sick, and my Dad (Poppy) had brought all my gifts and food in from home to make it feel like a proper Christmas. But it wasn’t quite the same.

I wish with all my heart that you would never have to experience a Christmas like that – that all your Christmases will be magical.

But as hard as all that pain and sickness was when I was younger, it led me on a path to meeting your Daddy and then on another very special path leading to you, my miracle, being born in 2015. So with all that Mummy has gone through, I wouldn’t give any of it up, because then I wouldn’t have you in my life.

And you are my life. My world. My reason for being on this earth.

I wish many things for you this Christmas and the many years to come. I wish you fun and adventures beyond your wildest dreams. I wish that as you get older and head into your teenage years and adulthood, that you remain strong and healthy, that you stay kind and caring and compassionate. I wish you happiness and love.

For me, I don’t wish to change my past. But I do wish that one day, in your future, there will be cancer treatment that is less invasive, so that no one would have to go through what I did. I wish for a future where cancer is less world changing. A future where a cancer diagnosis has a clear positive outcome.

Mummy loves watching you grow into the beautiful little girl you are. You are my world my Amelia, my everything.

Mummy loves you more than anything else in this world.

Merry Christmas my little girl.

Love Mummy


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