Cancer nurses calmed my fears

Friday 2 August, 2019

Getting diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer at 32 not only shocked Jayne, but also her doctors.

“Not a lot of people have cancer at this age,” Jayne said. “It’s always hard when you see doctors look shocked. Then you know something bad is happening. It’s always a challenge and it was horrible for my entire family.”

The primary school teacher found the support of Cancer Council ‘s experienced and compassionate nurses to be invaluable.

“Without Cancer Council, going through cancer would have been a lot scarier and I would have felt more isolated,” shared Jayne.

“Calling a Cancer Council nurse was instant access to someone who understands what is happening. They were able to calm my fears, calm my worries and understand the physical things that I was going through and also the emotional issues I was dealing with.”

Jayne asked the nurses questions about the physical things she was experiencing as well as support through emotional times.

“They were very understanding, very knowledgeable,” she said. “It was nice to talk to someone that I didn’t have to worry about how they were feeling.

“When you have cancer it’s hard to talk to the people you love about the things you are going through. It was nice to have a professional on the other side of the phone. I might have called them about five times throughout that six-month chemo program.”

The cancer nurses were able to refer Jayne to Cancer Council’s other support services, including the Holiday Break Program.

“I went down to Queenscliff with my mum and my brother,” she said. “We had a beautiful big old house that had been converted. We got to relax, go to the local market, go out for dinners – I was able to eat then, which was awesome.

“It was really amazing to have that because I lost my job when I got cancer. I hadn’t had income for about eight months for that stage. To have a free holiday was quite a big deal.

“When you’re going through cancer treatment, it’s really hard on you and your whole family. So having a holiday with them is really something positive that you can share and talk about and remember. I think it’s good for everyone. It’s something positive, that replaces some of the negative experiences around cancer.

“I hope that by sharing my experience, that other people who end up diagnosed with cancer, will know there is a one-stop place that they can go to get the best advice and the best support.”

If you or your loved ones are affected by cancer, you can call our experienced and compassionate cancer nurses on 13 11 20 or contact them through

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