Investing in the Future of Cancer Research

Tuesday 17 January, 2023

Earlier in 2022, a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship was awarded to Dr Sibel Saya, who is actively looking at ways to improve cancer outcomes by using a DNA test, that can be taken at a GP clinic, to predict future risk of cancer and to detect cancer earlier.

This major research project is currently looking to use DNA testing to better help predict the risk of melanoma, breast cancer, bowel cancer and prostate cancer, which make up 50% of all cancers in Australia.

"This study aims to improve how we target screening for Australia's four most common cancers, using a DNA test to predict who is most at risk," Dr Saya says.

"If we can identify people most at risk of common cancers and target screening accordingly, the overall burden of cancer on all our lives will be drastically reduced."

"As a genetic counsellor and translational researcher, I see this as a fascinating time to be involved in the translation of cutting-edge DNA risk tests genetic epidemiology into cancer screening and treatment," Dr Saya says.

"This Postdoctoral Fellowship is supporting me to be on the leading edge of this change in the use of genomics for all Australians."

This exciting project is made possible thanks to the generosity of Cancer Council Victoria donors.

"Most of us will have lost someone we love to cancer, myself included. I know that this is often what motivates people to donate their money to worthy organisations like Cancer Council. I am very honoured that I am able to put those funds to good use to hopefully result in more cancers being detected as early as possible and therefore more Australians' lives saved."

Thanks to the support of the Victorian public, Cancer Council Victoria awarded four Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in 2022.

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