Giving more than hope on Daffodil Day

Tuesday 6 September, 2022

For all that cancer takes, thousands of Australians gave thanks on a special day.

Every hour, 17 Australians are diagnosed with cancer. That’s 17 more families faced with the devastating possibility of losing someone they love.

Cancer takes so much from all of us. That’s why each August people across Australia show their support for the loved ones in their lives, and those in the wider community, who have been impacted by cancer by donating or purchasing fresh-cut daffodils during our Daffodil Day Appeal. The impact is instant, funding vital cancer research that saves lives each day.

For families like Kellie’s, the daffodil is more than a symbol of hope.

Cancer has taken a heavy toll on Kellie’s family. In 2019, they lost their much-loved father and grandfather Allan to prostate cancer.

Then, barely six months later, Kellie received a life-threatening cancer diagnosis of her own. Once again life was turned upside down, not just for her, but also her family.

Kellie’s tumour was aggressive and advanced. That meant things had to happen quickly. Every day was critical to her chances of survival.

Daffodil Day

Kellie says her family were a vital source of strength and support.

"My family are my world. They mean everything to me. We treasure the time we spend together, and we’re always there for each other through life’s ups and downs. I would never have survived the last couple of years without their love and support,” she says.

For all that cancer takes, this Daffodil Day Appeal thousands of Australians gave thanks and gave hope by purchasing daffodils, holding fundraisers and donating.

Your generosity this Daffodil Day Appeal is helping researchers discover life-saving new cancer treatments and gives families like Kellie’s hope for a cancer free future. We thank you for your support and generosity.

Daffodil Day

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