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Climate and Health initiative launched

Monday 16 November, 2020

"Climate change is the defining public health issue in the 21st century."

-The World Health Organization

In Victoria, it's expected to become warmer and drier, with more hot days, heatwaves and harsher fire weather as well as less rainfall overall but more intense downpours and flooding.

The change in weather events due to climate change can impact workplace and education settings by putting more stress on the physical and mental health, and safety of adults and children.

Outlined in the  Victorian public health and wellbeing plan 2019-2023, tackling climate change and its impact on our health is a key focus. To bring positive change for the health of the community and the planet, the Achievement Program has launched a new Climate and Health initiative.  

What is it?

The program's new initiative will empower Victorian early childhood services, schools and workplaces to strengthen the environmental sustainability activities already in place and take new climate actions that will also support health and wellbeing, which are to:

  1. increase active travel
  2. eat more plants
  3. reduce waste
  4. use less energy
  5. connect with nature
  6. get climate ready.

The six climate actions are woven into the Achievement Program’s Health Priority Areas such as healthy eating, physical activity, and mental health and wellbeing. And provided in separate Climate and Health resources including toolkits and factsheets, which explain the climate actions, show the impact on health and link to helpful tools, resources and supporting programs.

Workplaces and education settings can take climate actions at any time and progress at their own pace. The actions can be taken as part of a Health Priority Area in the program or separately.

  Learn more.

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