A gift for generations to come

Wednesday 30 March, 2022

Cancer has cast a huge shadow over Karen’s family for generations.

“We’re one of the unlucky families who have that BRACA1 gene in our history. It means we’re at increased risk of several different kinds of cancer. And that means living with constant fear and anxiety about our health,” said Karen.

“Losing my father was ugly, confusing and scary. I was not ready. I am still not. He has been gone for 16 years.

Karen, her partner Russell, and her dad weeks before he died.

Karen, her partner Russell, and her dad weeks before he died

“The gene may have missed my sister and me, but with the way it’s played out through our family history, I have terrified moments wondering, will I be one of those?”

Karen said that she feels that the only way to break this generational cycle is to actively get involved.

"If we want to stop it, we need breakthroughs. We need people standing up. We need a wave of absolute urgency. This is why I’ve taken the step of including a gift to Cancer Council Victoria in my Will,” continued Karen.

“It was so easy to arrange. I rang them up, got the correct details and adjusted my Will accordingly. And I’m so glad I did. When I pass, I want to leave something as a legacy for them to do great things with,” added Karen.

“It’s an amazing feeling, and there’s nothing more empowering than knowing that I've made it really clear what I want to happen when I’m gone.”

A world free from cancer. Imagine that. With your help we have already started on this journey, but we still have some way to go. Including Cancer Council Victoria in your Will takes your commitment to a cancer free future one step further.

If you would like to find out more about the impact you can have by leaving a gift in your Will, please contact Abi and Mel on 03 9514 6828 or on giftsinwills@cancervic.org.au.


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