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Amidst public concern about the risk of Covid-19 infection it is understandable that some Victorians may be anxious about visiting their doctor or attending follow-up appointments.

While these may feel like uncertain times, regular check-ups, including follow up care, are important appointments to maintain between you and your doctor.

There is increasing concerns that people with signs of cancer, and other health conditions, may not be contacting their GPs to discuss new symptoms. This delay could mean people present later with more complicated and progressed cancer, making treatment options more challenging.

When should I contact my doctor?

If you are worried about any symptoms, we encourage you to contact your GP. In most situations these appointments can occur face-to-face, by phone or video. Only your doctor can advise about your specific needs.

Is it safe?

It is encouraged that you do visit a health professional if you are concerned about any symptoms or need to attend a follow-up appointment.

Health professionals are doing all they can to ensure safety for their patients, and health care settings are putting measures in place to reduce your risk of infection and ensure you are protected.

If you have any concerns about safety or feel anxious, we encourage you to speak to your doctor about your appointment, and what options are available to you.

What are my options?

While many appointments require a face-to-face meeting with your doctor, some appointments can be conducted remotely via videoconferencing or telehealth. An initial conversation will help your doctor decide the appropriate next steps to examine you.

Let your doctor know if you feel anxious about attending your regular appointments and your risk of exposure to COVID-19. You can also contact our cancer nurses on 13 11 20 or to chat about any concerns you may have.

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