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1 in 2 of us will be diagnosed with cancer by age 85.
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In memory of Simone Slaughter

Simone Slaughter

In April of 2020, Simone went to a doctor’s appointment for a check up as she wasn’t feeling quite right. Little did any of us know at that point that Sim was about to be given the news that she had bowel cancer which had progressed to stage 4. She began treatment almost immediately and her life changed instantly. Simone was blessed to have unwavering support from her husband, Steve, daughter, Ruby, parents, Mick and Joan, and siblings Sherri, Craig and Andrew, along with the rest of her family and friends, to help her through this time. Sim maintained her trademark positive outlook throughout her treatment. Even when she underwent major surgeries and was suffering physically from the side effects of chemotherapy, she would reassure everyone around her that everything would be okay. She fought hard through every obstacle, and never gave up, even when the news was grim. Sim decided to focus on the positive by making the most of every moment. She spent as much time as she could with family and friends, ensuring that everyone in her life knew how much she loved and valued them. In her final days, Sim expressed nothing but gratitude for the incredible life she lived and the wonderful family and friends she had been blessed with. Throughout her life she had made so many happy memories with her loved ones, and it is cruel that cancer has robbed us of creating new ones with her by our side. Simone passed peacefully on January 29th, 2023 with her husband and daughter by her side. We lost a wife, mother, step-mum, daughter, sister, auntie, gran and friend far too soon. She will be greatly missed. Losing Simone has created immeasurable sadness for all who knew her, and will leave a hole in our lives that cannot be filled. She will be remembered as the kind, caring, thoughtful, adventurous and courageous woman that she was throughout her entire life. We are grateful for the quality care provided by the doctors, led by Dr Murali, Dr Prasad and Dr Ravish, the nurses and all other staff at the Epworth Eastern hospital throughout Sim’s treatment. It is our greatest wish to see this insidious disease, that took our beautiful Simone far before her time, eradicated. Fighting cancer is a battle that nobody should have to face. Your donation to the Cancer Council will go towards supporting the 95 Victorians diagnosed with cancer every day, and help work towards a cancer free future. We know that Sim would want to do everything she could to spare others the heartbreak of a cancer diagnosis. Thank you for helping us to honour Simone with this lasting legacy.

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