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In memory of Jillian Fleming

Jillian Fleming

Thank you for helping us to honour Jill with this lasting legacy. Your generosity and support at this time is greatly appreciated.

Jill was a wife, a mother, a mother-in-law, a sister, a grandmother, a friend.  She adored her family and cherished her friendships.  She was a beautiful artist, and an avid sports lover, excelling in Golf - hitting four hole-in-ones, playing squash she was almost unbeatable, and she was asked to train to represent Australia at the Olympic Games in fencing.

Jill passed away six weeks after her devastating diagnosis of stage four pancreatic cancer.  Never having any symptoms or knowledge of the cancer, she was spared the pain and suffering associated with medical interventions and instead continued to live her life with joy, fulfilment and zeal.  During those final six weeks of her life in hospital, she remained positive and appreciative of all the love and support around her. 

In true ‘Jill spirit’ she chose to focus on the blessings – the abundance of visitors surrounding her each day, filling that tiny hospital room with love and laugher; and the incredible support and kindness of the nursing staff at Peninsula Private, who truly helped make her journey comfortable and light.

Throughout life’s adversities, Jill’s strength and grace never wavered, and this was more the case during her final days. She continued to smile, laugh and tell jokes until she fell asleep. A true reflection of the person she was and an inspiration to us all.

Jill, you will be loved always and forever in our hearts.


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