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In memory of Elizabeth kuebler mum

Elizabeth kuebler mum

Dear cancer council my mum Elizabeth died two half years ago after being treated at Malvern Cabrini hospital doctors and nurses .they couldn't save her life .they sent her to prahan palative care then mum came home to family and Kew luxcare nurses .where she died on her 85 birthday .michael has been very distressed and upset with Cabrini doctors and nurses who treated his mum . He is very sad to have lost his mum to blood kidney bladder cancer a terrible ugly disease .Malvern Cabrini have showed no compassion to Elizabeth's son and he wasn't informed by her doctors about mums condition and what her cancer was doing .in her body .Infact Michael was abandoned  neglected and he is very sad upset disappointed about Malvern Cabrini doctors treatment to michael .he has been completely ignored by the doctors and nurses .not once did they make an effort to contact him to see how his mental health is after he sadly lost his beloved mum .


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