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In memory of Bill Rowe

Bill Rowe

I first met Bill on 16th January 1994 at a Neil Diamond function at the Heathmont Cricket Club. He was working with Patrick McMahon at the time and had a cigarette in one hand and a VB stubbie in the other. My sister and I affectionately nicknamed him "scary dude". A few months later, after one of Patrick’s shows at the Powerhouse in Albert Park, and on the night of my 23rd birthday, I fell in love with Bill. For the next two years we worked together, became friends, and eventually found a special place in each others lives. Bill was a hard worker who loved working hard. He was an amazing storyteller, had a wicked sense of humour, and could convince most people of just about anything. The best part of Bill going away on tour was whenever he would arrive back in Melbourne and I would get to meet up with him and help him out. I have amazing memories of catching up with the Leo Sayer tour in 1999 and Charley Pride in 2001. More than anything Bill loved his family and friends, and would do just about anything to help them out. He taught me so very much about life, of which the most important lessons were love and respect. He is the man that stole my heart, and he took it with him when he left.

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