Eliminating cervical cancer by 2030

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Eliminating cervical cancer by 2030

Imagine a world without cervical cancer.

Cancer Council Victoria has established the Eliminating Cervical Cancer Fund  to help eliminate cervical cancer in Victoria by 2030. With your support, Victoria can become one of the first jurisdictions in the world to successfully eliminate cervical cancer from its community.

With one of the lowest cervical cancer incidence and mortality rates in Australia, Victoria is a world leader in cervical cancer control. However, HPV immunisation and cervical screening rates are lowest in some priority communities. This means that there is a real risk for cervical cancer to be a disease of the disadvantage.

“Women and people with a cervix from priority communities face a range of barriers to accessing screening, immunisation and timely treatment. We have now started tackling breaking down these barriers in Victoria.” - Kate Broun, Head of Cancer Screening, Early Detection and Immunisation at Cancer Council Victoria

A concerted and strategic effort is required to further increase Victoria’s HPV immunisation, cervical screening and treatment rates in order to fast-track reaching the elimination target by 2030, and to do it in an equitable way.

Roadmap to eliminating cervical cancer

Our goal is to reduce the incidence and mortality of cervical cancer among women and people with a cervix in Victoria, particularly within populations that bear the greatest burden of the disease by:

  • increasing cervical screening among women and people with a cervix;

  • investigating and uncovering issues relating to women and people with a cervix not returning for testing following a positive screening result; and

  • sustaining HPV vaccination confidence and coverage through media relations, community engagement and advocacy about efficacy and safety of vaccination, and address low vaccination rates among priority groups

By partnering with individuals and organisations who share our vision we can fast track the elimination of cervical cancer in Victoria and contribute to the international effort to eliminate cervical cancer as a global health issue.

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Need an invoice or would like to discuss alternative options for donating? Have questions about the Eliminating Cervical Cancer Fund or Cancer Council? Please get in touch with our Partnerships Team via partnerships@cancervic.org.au or 03 9514 6525

"As a survivor myself, helping to eliminate cervical cancer entirely in Victoria in a few short years would be one of the proudest legacies I could leave on behalf of my son and the next generation."

Anna Cruse
Anna experienced cervical cancer at the young age of 28 and is now contributing her time and corporate networks towards fundraising the final portion required to achieve this world-first milestone.

"When I first heard that Victoria were on track to eliminate cervical cancer my jaw hit the floor. This achievement is a living and breathing example of what we can do as a community when we come together to raise funds, support and awareness. Imagine never knowing someone who has been through cervical cancer, that is what the future looks like!"

Kate Lillian Muir
Kate is an advocate for the Eliminating Cervical Cancer Fund, leading creative fundraising approaches to ensure cervical cancer is eliminated equitably in Victoria.

Kate Lillian Muir

Latest news and impact

We are proud to be supporting the important goal to eliminate cervical cancer within a generation, and to be partnering with a proven leader like Cancer Council Victoria. We are passionate about tackling inequities and about better health outcomes for all, which is exactly what this work aims to deliver for all Victorians.

Rodney Lavin
Chairman of Freemasons Foundation Victoria who have committed $1M to the ambitious goal

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Cancer Council Victoria has dedicated $2 million to the Fund, and Freemasons Foundation Victoria have partnered in the project and committed $1 million.

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