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Victorian Cancer Trials Link (VCTL)

The Victorian Cancer Trials Link (VCTL) is a searchable database of all cancer clinical trials being conducted in Victoria. The VCTL was developed in 2009 and is governed by our Clinical Network. 

The VCTL enables people with cancer, their families and caregivers to enter specific information about their cancer diagnosis and treatment history. The system then searches its database to find a clinical trial ‘match'. Patients can then get in touch with the trial coordinators to discuss participating.

Following an extensive consumer review, the Victorian Cancer Trials Link (VCTL) website has been relaunched. Enhancements to the site have resulted in a fresh new look, improved functionality and new features. We have also focused on providing consumer accessible trial information for each clinical trial, alongside the clinical trial descriptions.

The user-friendly portal will assist patients and health professionals in the search for clinical trials that are treating people across state, including those run out of rural and regional hospitals.

Other features of interest to clinicians include, an advanced search section (with a keyword function and filtering by trial type, phase and molecular target), links to trial registry pages to access inclusion and exclusion criteria and a suite of patient information resources suitable for your patients. The VCTL app for your Apple and Android device is also still being updated regularly.

We rely on trial information directly from health services and their clinicians, so if you would like to add a trial or correct any information on the website, please contact 

Trial Connect

Trial Connect is a free telephone peer support program that connects people who are considering participation in a clinical trial with a trained volunteer who has been through at least one clinical trial.

Speaking with a Trial Connect volunteer can provide practical knowledge and empower others to speak to their health professional about clinical trials. They provide an opportunity to discuss concerns about participating in a trial, gain a better understanding of what to expect in a trial and have insight for the types of questions to ask about trial participation. They are unable to comment on specific trials or outcomes and all conversations are confidential.

The Trial Connect pilot study supplements the enhanced improvements to the Victorian Clinical Trials Link website, funded by Ian Potter Foundation. Both initiatives aim to increase awareness and access to cancer clinical trials across Victoria, by providing platforms that are accessible and easy to use. Trial Connect volunteers have been recruited and trained in the Cancer Connect program and are required to have received at least one prior treatment in a cancer clinical trial.

To refer your patients to any of the Connect Programs (Cancer Connect, Gene Connect, Family Connect or Trial Connect) call 13 11 20 or email