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Victoria to ban solariums within two years

Tuesday 20 November, 2012

A number of VCOG members called on the Victorian Government to ban solariums in Victoria in late September this year. We are very grateful to those who supported the call and put their name to the statement.

The Greens’ motion in parliament this week calling on the Baillieu government to introduce legislation to ban solariums and the private sale of sunbeds has been passed and both major parties have supported it.

Premier Ted Baillieu has now confirmed that solariums will be banned in Victoria within the next two years.

The Age reported on the ban on page one of Friday 16 November's paper and also online here: Victoria to ban solariums within two years and here: Ban the tan: sun to set soon on Victoria's solariums.

There is another petition to the State Government to ban solarium use in Victoria, being driven by a coalition of public health organisations including Cancer Council Victoria. If you would like to show further support You can sign it online.