Victorian shortage of radiation oncology medical physicists (ROMPs)

Friday 26 October, 2012

Cancer Council Victoria and clinicians of the Victorian Co-operative Oncology Group are concerned about reports of a shortage of Radiation Oncology Medical Physicists (ROMPs) in Victoria.

ROMPs are highly trained medical professionals. They undertake the calibration of radiation doses for each, individual cancer patient receiving radiotherapy.

ROMPs are responsible for ensuring the safety of patients and staff working in radiotherapy, ensure radiation equipment is maintained according to national safety and quality standards. They also have key roles in teaching and training staff and in radiotherapy research.

We are concerned at reports that, due to salary conditions in Victoria, ROMPs have moved to other states. If this trend continues, Victorian hospitals will have less staff to maintain radiotherapy equipment, and worse, it will mean cancer patients are not receiving timely access to radiotherapy for their cancer treatment.

We sincerely hope negotiations between ROMPs and the State Government continue with a successful outcome for all involved.

For more information visit the Medical Physicists Victoria website.