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Should Victoria have a medicinal cannabis scheme? Have your say!

Thursday 7 May, 2015


The Victorian Government has asked the Victorian Law Reform Commission to review and report on options for a medicinal cannabis scheme that would allow people to use medicinal cannabis in exceptional circumstances. Cancer clinicians will potentially be affected by medicinal cannabis law changes, so CCV's Clinical Network seeks the views of cancer clinicians to better inform public policy debate on changes that is likely to affect clinicians and patients.

The survey asks questions relating to the current use of medicinal cannabis in cancer care, attitudes towards legalising cannabis for medicinal purposes and particular considerations the VLRC have put to medical practitioners. All responses to this survey will be treated confidentially and in accordance with our privacy policy available on our website. You will not be asked to identify yourself in the survey. This research meets CCV's ethical oversight requirements. This survey should take no longer than 15 minutes and there is opportunity to provide general comments about the issue.

The VLRC has an ambitious time frame to produce their final report back to Government and therefore we ask that the survey be completed by Friday 22nd May.

To complete the survey please email: for the link.

The issues relating to a medicinal cannabis scheme are complex. To assist you in making informed responses to the survey a summary of the health and legal issues pertaining to the topic as it relates to cancer has been developed (click here).