Prof David Dilts, Professor of Management at the Oregon Health & Science University visits from the US

Tuesday 2 September, 2014

Dr. David Dilts is our international representative on our Additional Funding Intervention Trial steering committee and recently extended his Sydney visit to Melbourne. David is Professor of Management at the Oregon Health & Science University and managing partner for Dilts+Partners, LLC. He works frequently with National and International health agencies in improving their operations.

He presented at Clinical Network sponsored forums at Royal Melbourne Hospital and at Alfred Health hosted by Monash University, providing an overview of his extensive research in designing and conducting oncology clinical trials from a systems perspective; taking into account scientific, operational, resource, and strategic issues.

David is extensively published and has been awarded $20 million in funding for his research in the past decade. His work has appeared in Nature Medicine, Science Translational Medicine, Medical Decision Making, Journal of Clinical Oncology, and Health Economics.

David's presentation: Promises and Pitfalls in Clinical Trials

While in Australia David spoke on Radio National Health Report with Norman Swan on the need for clinical cancer trials to become more efficient. You can listen here.