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Wednesday 16 October, 2013

Clinical Network Crowd

The Clinical Network run educational forums, workshops and presentations on various topics related to cancer treatment and control. We also hosts interstate speakers and visiting international experts.

Find resources from events in 2013:

Advocacy training for cancer clinicians

Clinical Network members were invited to attend this professional development opportunity, hosted by the Clinical Network. The training aimed to support cancer clinicians in the art of advocacy and lobbying for improved cancer care. Presenters include Mr Todd Harper, CEO, Cancer Council Victoria and Ms Maxine Morand, CEO, Breast Cancer Network Australia and former Victorian minister in the Brumby government.  

Portable Document File Advocacy Presentation - Todd Harper & Rachel Whiffen
Portable Document FileAdvoacy Presentation - Nicola Quin

Aspirin prevents bowel cancer: proving the obvious

The Gastrointestinal Cancer Committee recently hosted Prof Sir John Burn, Professor of Clinical Genetics, Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle University, UK, and he presented an overview of his research relating to the role of aspirin in bowel cancer prevention.

Portable Document FileProf John Burn's presentation