Cancer statistics & trends 2011

Tuesday 18 December, 2012

The Victorian Cancer Registry (VCR) has collected population-based cancer data over many years. It holds a large and valuable research dataset, which plays a vital role in providing cancer information to individuals and organisations. The VCR has produced a report giving an overview of 2011 incidence and mortality statistics and trends for the leading cancers for 1982–2011 as well as cancer survival 1986–2010 and projections of incidence and mortality to 2022–2026.

The report shows that last year 15,695 Victorian men were diagnosed with a new cancer, almost 3,000 more than the number of women diagnosed. It also reveals that in total 28,405 Victorians were diagnosed with cancer and around 55% of them were men. Men were also over-represented in the number of cancer deaths: 5,921 Victorian men lost their battle with cancer compared with 4,710 women.