Informing the next Victorian cancer plan

Monday 23 March, 2015


The recent change to the Cancer Act last year now mandates the Victorian Government develop a four yearly Victorian Cancer Plan.

The State government developed a Cancer Action Plan which ran from 2008-2011. This plan covered four actions areas: prevention and screening, treatment, support and research.

We believe clinicians and health professionals are central to informing the next state cancer plan and wanted to start a consultation process early. We recently ran a number of workshops to consult our Clinical Network on what they believe should be prioritised in the next plan. We also developed an online survey and held a video conference for those who couldn't make it in person.

Overall we had over 100 clinicians participate in discussions. These consultations gave the clinicians the opportunity to step away from their daily role in care delivery and to discuss what the cancer landscape in Victoria should look like in the future.
Themes that were raised often include;

  • data and IT systems for improved patient outcomes and system quality improvement
  • funding models that match service delivery with discussion on Activity Based Funding and the ambulatory care setting
  • the importance of prevention campaigns, particularly focusing on obesity and the importance of exercise in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation/survivorship
  • the need for a clear state-wide plan for research and the importance of embedding a research culture into health services top down
  • clarification on the roles of various cancer stakeholders including research funding bodies, the comprehensive cancer centres and others ICS, VCA
  • the increasing importance of a focus on survivorship, shared care models and the role of primary and community care
  • ongoing monitoring and evaluation, should be integrated in the development of the next Cancer Plan

We will develop a consensus based on this feedback and from those with lived experience of cancer. This consensus will be presented to key government decision makers.

For more information about how to be involved please email us at    
If you someone with lived experience of cancer and would like to attend a workshop or be involved, register here .