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“We were just watching our tiny, skinny daughter having chemo pumped into her and we’re being told ‘don’t get it on your hands – it’s nasty’.”  - Andrew, father of Hayley

At just six years old, Hayley was diagnosed with a rare cancer. She endured harsh chemotherapy and 28 rounds of radiation to destroy the tumour in her nasal cavity. Not only was the treatment traumatic and painful, the side effects were immediate and some will last her a lifetime.

We must find better, less invasive ways to treat cancer.

Please, will you make a tax deductable donation to help raise funds for projects like Professor Phillip Darcy’s, who is investigating new cancer treatments that are less brutal and work better?

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting our ability to raise funds for cancer research. It’s why we need your urgent help so we can keep funding life changing cancer research like this.