Challenging Choices webinar

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For women considering their options after being diagnosed with the BRCA 1 and/or BRCA 2 gene

In this webinar, held in September, guest presenter Lucinda Hossack, (Cancer Genetic Counsellor at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre's Familial Cancer Centre) discusses issues that can arise from a diagnosis of being a carrier of the BRCA1 and/or BRCA2 gene fault.

The presentation covers implications for family planning and fertility, body image, preventative action (including surgery and the use of Tamoxifen) and navigating these issues if you are single or in an established relationship.

Following this, Sarah, Kristi and Samantha share their personal stories regarding their individual decision making processes, and how they dealt with the challenging choices regarding their health. The audience submits live questions for discussion.

The following PDF includes a summary of all the supporting resources mentioned in the webinar.

Portable document file (PDF) Challenging Choices Webinar Resources (281kb)

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