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Victorian Cancer Trials Link relaunches improved website

Tuesday 6 June 2017
Clinical trials are a gold standard treatment option, yet many people find the decision of whether to participate in a clinical trial a challenging one. Of those newly diagnosed with cancer in Victoria, only 6% are recruited into clinical trials. To increase patient access to and information about clinical trials, Cancer Council Victoria has recently improved the Victorian Cancer Trials Link website. Read more

Introducing Trial Connect: A peer support program

Tuesday 6 June 2017
The decision of whether to participate in a clinical trial can be difficult. We are introducing a new pilot program to connect people with others who ‘have been there before’. Based on the successful Cancer Connect program, Trial Connect aims to provide peer support around decisions to engage in a clinical trial. Read more

Exploring palliative care enquiries to 13 11 20

Tuesday 6 June 2017

Cancer Council Victoria’s Information and Support line is staffed by experienced cancer nurses who are there to help with any questions about cancer. Around 10% of these calls relate to palliative care, prognosis, recurrence and death and dying, topics that are often difficult to deal with among family and friends.

Read more

Publication profile: Facing End of Life information booklet

Tuesday 6 June 2017
If you have had cancer diagnosed at a late stage, or if treatment has stopped working and remission or cure is no longer possible, you may be told that the cancer is end stage or terminal. Everyone’s reaction is unique and people cope in their own way with the news. Our information booklet designed for people facing end of life, their carers, friends and family, may help. Read more

Behind the scenes with Louise Wilks, 13 11 20 Cancer Nurse

Tuesday 6 June 2017
Did you know you don’t have to have cancer to call Cancer Council Victoria on 13 11 20? We took over 10,000 calls and emails last year and many were from partners, children, friends and colleagues of people living with cancer. When you call, you can rest assured you’re not talking to a volunteer, you’re speaking with an experienced cancer nurse. Like Louise. Read more

We want you! Calling all volunteers for Daffodil Day

Tuesday 6 June 2017
By volunteering this Daffodil Day, you’ll be making an incredible difference to the 31,628 Victorians diagnosed with cancer each year. Every dollar from every pin, pen, and bear sold counts and will ensure Cancer Council Victoria can continue its important work in cancer research, prevention and support. Read more

What's on

Tuesday 6 June 2017
Help shape Victoria's future direction to support carers and find out more about upcoming programs such as our Living With Cancer Education Program and Wellness and Life after Cancer program. Find out how you can help improve end of life decision-making. Read more

Connecting with others

Thursday 13 April 2017
The Living with Cancer Education Program helps people make sense of cancer in a safe and informal environment. These programs facilitated by local health professionals provide an opportunity to connect with others in similar circumstances. A positive outcome from this Program has seen the start of the Wimmera Prostate Cancer Support Group. Read more

Thank you to our volunteers

Thursday 13 April 2017
National volunteer Week (8–14 May) is an annual celebration to acknowledge the generous contribution of our nation’s volunteers. Rochelle Serry is one of our trained volunteers with the phone-based peer support program Cancer Connect and we thank her for her time and enthusiasm. Read more about why she continues to be involved with the program. Read more
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