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Friday 20 December, 2019

Whether you've made a donation, taken part in Daffodil Day, made a purchase from our store, taken on a challenge event, fundraised your own way, given to us regularly, or included a gift in your Will, you are part of something truly remarkable.

Preventing cancer and saving lives 

You have helped save more than 4,500 lives through our prevention programs like Quit, SunSmart, LiveLighter and campaigns to encourage people to screen for cancer to find it early.

As a result of our campaigns over the past three years encouraging eligible Victorians to do the free at-home bowel cancer screening test, hundreds of lives have been saved so far. These lives were saved because of you and people like you.

“I was feeling 100% healthy at the time. I had no symptoms and no idea I had bowel cancer. Without the screening program, who knows what may have happened. Because it was detected early, the treatment was successful and I’m now able to enjoy life again.” 

- Helen was 56 when she did the free bowel cancer screening test after receiving it in the mail.


Funding vital research breakthroughs

Five-year survival has increased to 69% – the highest it’s ever been. This is thanks to your support of cancer research over the years. Right now, you’re funding researchers working in laboratories to identify new treatments and supporting epidemiologists to work out the causes of cancer. This vital work will save lives, including through:
  • New treatments for low survival cancers like liver, pancreatic and brain cancer. We aim to improve survival by investing in more research and advocating for the Government to do the same.
  • More effective treatments for late-stage bowel, breast and prostate cancer, which have high mortality.
  • Our Australian Breakthrough Cancer Study, which is tracking 50,000 people to discover more about what causes cancer. The study is now analysing faecal samples to study the impact of gut health on cancer.

“I was 12 weeks’ pregnant when I was diagnosed wtih an aggressive form of lymphoma. He was battling along inside, while I was battling to stay alive.”

- Ridma had to undergo chemotherapy and treatment to treat her cancer, with her miracle baby born at 26 weeks.

Being there when people need it most

Thousands of paitients and their families have been supported from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. In 2019, you've helped in so many ways, including:
  • Enabling our cancer nurses to respond to nearly 8,500 calls and emails from patients and carers wanting information or support.
  • Providing wigs to 211 people who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment to help them feel more confident.
  • 435 people took part in a short holiday break away from appointments to create more family memories.
  • Assisting patients under financial pressure due to a cancer diagnosis with close to $240,000 worth of small financial grants.


“The nurse was so nice on the phone and we chatted for ages. The first wig l put on was the one, l love it. All the anxiety and fear of losing my hair was gone in an instant.”

 – Jen, who lives regionally, had a free wig posted to her thanks to the wig service you’ve funded.



Thank you for everything you’ve done. No matter how, you’ve contributed to a cancer free future. Your dedication and generosity are appreciated by the researchers, cancer nurses and support staff here at Cancer Council and by everyone impacted by cancer. Thank you for providing hope to Victorian families in 2019, and I look forward to working with you again as we continue to make progress together.

Todd Harper
CEO Cancer Council Victoria