Have you been asked about a clinical trial?

Wednesday 23 May, 2018

“The opportunity to get a better quality of life, the opportunity of extending your time here with friends and family – I think a lot of people would take that chance to take part in a trial.” 
- Melanoma clinical trial participant, Greg

Finding information about locally occurring clinical trials has been made easier with an online portal, Victorian Cancer Trials Link. The website provides users with the ability to search for treatment clinical trials recruiting across Victoria, including those run out of rural and regional hospitals.

We have now added videos of people talking about their personal experience of what it was like to be involved in a clinical trial. Greg, Peter, Tash and Ilka share their stories on what guided their participation in a clinical trial as well as the benefits and challenges. These videos may help with any concerns you have and assist in your decision-making to pursue treatment on clinical trials.

We often receive enquiries from patients and their families about clinical trials and encourage them to talk to their medical team about being involved. The Victorian Cancer Trials Link website has a downloadable list of questions to take to your doctor, and general information about cancer clinical trials.

Trial Connect

We can also offer a free one-to-one telephone support service, to connect people considering participating in a clinical trial with someone who has previously gone through this experience. It provides an opportunity to talk about your concerns and gain a better understanding of what to expect. Trial Connect volunteers are unable to comment on specific trials or outcomes and all conversations are confidential.


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