New support groups for lesbian, gay and bisexual people

Thursday 9 June, 2016

Telephone Support Groups People often look to support groups for encouragement, optimism, inspiration and hope. Our phone support groups for lesbian, gay and bisexual people offer a safe space to discuss living with cancer with others who can relate.

After a cancer diagnosis, talking to others who can relate to your situation can provide much-needed support and understanding to those affected. Cancer Council is developing two new phone support groups for the following people:

1. Gay and bisexual men who have anal cancer (closed group run over six consecutive weeks)

2. Lesbian and same sex attracted women with any cancer type (open group run twice a month)

In these support settings, people often feel they can speak openly and share experiences with others. It can be a relief to find you are not alone and connect with others who can better understand what you're going through.

These groups are free and confidential, and run by two qualified facilitators. Participants can access groups from the comfort and privacy of their home, from anywhere in Australia.

Call 1300 755 632 or email to express interest in joining these groups or to request more information. Alternatively, visit Cancer Council's Cancer Support Group page.  


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