Healthy living after cancer: Linnet’s story

Thursday 18 August, 2016
Healthy living after cancer Linnet

"Being part of the Healthy Living after Cancer Program was a huge part of my return to feeling well. After months of cancer treatment, no exercise and a diet largely based on crumpets, muffins, potatoes, pasta and toast, I was 10kg heavier and felt lethargic. I knew I had to start being active again and would feel better when I did, but it was so hard to start.

Phone calls from the nurse who coached me made an incredible difference. It kept me on track and I went from not being able to walk to the front gate to 6 months later, joining a bushwalking club and walking 12km - slowly but still. My energy levels boosted and I was able to start back at work and do so much more with my family and friends.

One thing I especially loved about the program was how easy it was to participate, even though I live outside the city. It's all done over the phone and you only need the workbook. I feel like a new woman and highly recommend the program as a gentle way to start looking after yourself."

Healthy Living after Cancer is a free health coaching program for people who have finished cancer treatment. Support is provided over the phone and participants receive up to 12 calls over 6 months from a Cancer Council nurse who specialises in healthy living after cancer. Our nurses help motivate participants to achieve their healthy lifestyle goals by offering encouragement, support and helpful tips.

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