Healthy living after cancer: motivating people after treatment

Thursday 18 August, 2016
Healthy living after cancer motivating people after treatment

"Being part of the
Healthy Living after Cancer Program was a huge part of my return to feeling well. After months of cancer treatment, no exercise and a diet largely based on crumpets, muffins, potatoes, pasta and toast, I was 10 kg heavier and felt lethargic. I knew I had to start being active again and would feel better when I did, but it was so hard to start."

One thing that Linnet enjoyed about the program was how easy it was to participate; being delivered via the phone means it is accessible throughout Victoria. The program is available to adults diagnosed with non-metastatic cancer who have completed treatment. Our 13 11 20 cancer nurses make up to 12 health coaching calls over a 6 month period to set goals for making healthy lifestyle changes and provide support, helpful tips and motivation.

Healthy Living after Cancer is a NHMRC funded project conducted in collaboration with Cancer Councils and a multidisciplinary team of researchers. The National results so far from 36 participants reflect behavioural change as demonstrated by a significant decrease in body weight and BMI; a significant increase in physical activity, and serves of fruit and vegetables; and a significant increase in physical health and overall quality of life.

If you have patients who may benefit from this personalised diet and exercise program, please encourage them to Register online or call 13 11 20. Visit Healthy Living after Cancer Program for more information.


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