Victorian Cancer Trials Link relaunches improved website

Wednesday 14 June, 2017

The Victorian Cancer Trials Link (VCTL) website was re-launched on Friday the 19th of May, a day before International Clinical Trials Day. Following an extensive review including input from patients sharing their own experiences, enhancements have resulted in a fresh new look, improved functionality and new features that support increased access to and awareness of cancer clinical trials in Victoria.

The user-friendly portal will assist patients in searching for clinical trials that are treating people across state, including those run out of rural and regional hospitals. Other features of the website include a quick and easy search bar, an advanced search and a suite of patient information resources about clinical trials.

We often receive enquiries from patients and their families about clinical trials and encourage them to talk to their medical team about being involved. By using the revised website, patients can:

  • Download a list of questions to help start a conversation about clinical trials at appointments
  • Download general information about cancer clinical trials
  • Save and subscribe a search, to receive new trials that have been added to the website
  • Read about other people's experiences of being involved in a cancer clinical trial.

Our Understanding Clinical Trials and Research booklet is available to provide introductory information about clinical trials and how trials contribute to the improved safety and effectiveness of cancer treatments.

Improvements to the Victorian Clinical Trials Link website and Trial Connect pilot study have been funded by the Ian Potter Foundation with an aim to increase awareness and access to cancer clinical trials across Victoria through platforms that are accessible and easy to use.


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